Religious Education

The Basilica’s Religious Education Program seeks to provide all parishioners the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for their ongoing conversion to Jesus Christ and the Gospel in order to bring about full participation in the life of the Catholic Church. In nurturing all age groups, we will foster community among the children, families and the parish, encouraging all to be good stewards of the gifts God has given them, using these gifts to proclaim, celebrate and serve the Kingdom of God.

Children’s Education

For children ages 6 to 16 that attend public schools, our program offers a comprehensive background in the basic tenets of our faith. The goal of our program is to be a strong support to the primary religious education that the children receive in the home. As part of the program, children actively participate in meaningful worship, in-depth sacramental preparation, and ongoing moral development. Catechist training sessions are also a vital part of religious education. Classes are held each Sunday morning at 10:00am and will begin on September 16, 2018.



RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Through this sacramental, spiritual, and educational process, the Church initiates people seeking to become Catholic from a variety of backgrounds. These include non-baptized adults and children of cathechetical age as well as those baptized in another Christian church. In all cases, our goal is to reach out to those who are looking for a spiritual home in the Catholic faith. Candidates meet each Sunday morning at 10:30am beginning in September and running through April. Please inquire for more information about the program and questions you may have about the Church.




Mr. Joseph Twiner



Fr. Philip Dabney, C.Ss.R.