The Basilica provides a stately and acoustically balanced space to enhance the rich sounds of its instruments. The parish has an active music ministry of choirs and musicians who are part of the Sunday Mass and perform at special liturgical events as well as concert series.

St. Augustine told us that when we sing, we pray twice. We encourage you to actively participate in song when you visit us here at the Basilica. That is a great way to get involved and it enlivens the celebration of the Mass for everyone.

Music Department Staff

Timothy Macri serves as parish Cantor and flutist. Mr. Macri brings with him extensive and thorough knowledge of ancient and contemporary musical practices of the Catholic Church, having served at St.Ignatius church, Boston College and the Basilica since 2000. He received his musical training at the Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory.


Requests or accommodations for weddings, funerals, or visiting choirs should be directed to Mr. Macri who can be reached at 617-445-2600 or by email tim@bostonsbasilica.com.

Parish Choirs

The choir sings during the 9:00 am Mass on Sundays from Mid-September through Pentecost. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. (or as needed) in the choir room above the sacristy. New members are always welcomed, no experience needed. Please check with the Music Director for more information.

Spanish Choir

Under the direction of Sixto Martinez and Noemi Laboy, the Spanish choir sings during the 11:00 am Spanish Mass every Sunday. Rehearsal is held in the Music Room on Friday evenings at 5:30 pm. New members are welcome, please contact Sixto directly for more information.

Visiting Choirs

Many visiting choirs perform at the Basilica throughout the year, either during a Sunday mass or for a special concert. Please check the News & Events section for upcoming performances.



The Great Organ
1958 Walker Organ
Baldwin Concert Grand Piano
1896 Mason Hamlin Harmonium Organ

The Great Organ

Built by the firm of Geo S. Hutchings as their Opus 410, the magnificent organ was dedicated on September 26, 1897. Due to it’s size and complexity, the organ required more than a year to complete. It was one of the first organs in the country to successfully use electric action, which Hutchings invented and patented. The organ has 3 manuals and pedals, 5 divisions, 62 stops, 75 ranks and close to 3,200 pipes.

Visually, the organ is striking, as it spans the entire width of the nave, and from the gallery high above the floor, it is crowned just under the vaulting with a carved cross reminiscent of the cross atop the high altar more than two hundred feet away. Many of the carvings replicate details present in the church architecture, including the Romanesque arch and the capitals of the pillars. Today, it remains a beautiful example of ornate yet elegant organ architecture.

Visit the Northeast Organist website for more information on the organ.   http://www.tneorg.com/mission/

1958 Walker Organ

Constructed in Germany, the walker organ is housed above the Sacristy in the choir rehearsal room. Acquired in 2003 as a gift from Dr. May and Betty Miller. 2 manual and pedal; 4 great stops; 3 pedal stops.

Baldwin Concert Grand Piano

Donated in 2001, the concert grand piano is located near the Purgatorian altar and is used throughout the year in concerts and during Masses.

1896 Mason and Hamlin Harmonium Organ

Recently acquired in 2011 from a private collection, this organ is housed in the choir loft of the Rectory Chapel. Restored by Bruce Stevens of Fall River, VT the organ was originally built in Boston. 2 manual and pedal; 4 great stops; 3 pedal stops.