Help Save the Bells!

The crowning architectural element of our church are the twin spires that were added in 1910. Due to the slope of the grade, the eastern tower is 213 feet tall while the western is 215 feet tall. Each weighs exactly 3,502 tons! Installed within the western tower, closest to the Rectory, are twelve bells that have rung out a sound of our presence to the community for over 100 years. It is rare to have a parish such as ours that still utilizes physical bells, many churches use electronic audio or have abandoned the practice all together.

About two months ago our bells went silent. Following an inspection, it was discovered that the enclosure and fixtures that hold the bells in place have become seriously compromised due to decades of exposure to the elements causing corrosion to bolts and mountings. At the advisement of our contractor, we have ceased using the bells to prevent vibrations until these issues can be stabilized.

Our main concern is repairing the corroded bolts that hold the bells in place, this cost will be $12,300. Our automated equipment and control system is in fair condition, having been installed in 1984.

We hope that you will see the value in restoring our bells back into daily operation. They are an important piece of history to the parish, neighborhood, and church  identity. At this time, we do not have the funding to pay for the work, as the parish is operating at a deficit.  If any parishioners feel inclined to contribute to this repair, we ask for your help.

Names, Weights, and Donors of the Bells

1.) Our Lady of Perpetual Help; 4,200 lbs.

Inscribed, “Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Redemptorist Fathers, Boston, Mass., A.D. 1910; Mother of Perpetual Help watch over us, assist and protect us.”

2.) St. Joseph; 3,000 lbs., donated by fourteen friends of the Mission Church.

3.) St. Patrick; 2,100 lbs., donated by twelve friends of the Mission Church.

4.) St. Alphonsus; 1,800 lbs., donated by the pupils of the parochial school

5.) St. Clement Hofbauer; 1,600 lbs., donated by school Almuni 1891 to 1908

6.) St. John; 1,280 lbs., donated by J.J. Kennedy

7.) St. Francis Xavier; 930 lbs., donated by Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Jacobs

8.) St. Gerard Majella; 820 lbs., donated by John Burns

9.) St. Michael; 710 lbs., donated by Mrs. Delia Donlon

10.) St. Gabriel; 600 lbs., donated by Mrs. Mary O’Hare

11.) St. Florian; 450 lbs., in memory of Catherine Muldoon

12.) St. Cecilia; 360 lbs., donated by Michael C. Nelson

“May Thy people summoned together by these bells be comforted in the Lord and delighted. When the sound of these bells pierces the clouded skies, may angelic hands preserve the assembly of Thy Church; may everlasting protection save the fruits of those who believe, their bodies and their souls.”

-From the consecration prayer imparted by the Rt. Rev. Joseph Anderson, D.D., V.G., Auxilary Bishop at the dedication ceremony of the Mission Church bells, July 3, 1910.

Please consider donating to this project to restore the Basilica bells. Donations may be left at the Rectory Office or mailed in to Boston’s Basilica 1545 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120