Sharing a Legacy

Standing as a prominent symbol of faith in Boston for over 140 years, the support of many past and present have enabled our Catholic community to continue to serve the people of Mission Hill and beyond.

To share in the legacy of former parishioners, religious, and friends we encourage you to consider several meaningful memorials that will establish a permanent reminder of your support of all that the Basilica represents.

Remember Boston’s Basilica in Your Will

Our Church has been blessed because of the generosity of many people who have remembered us in their will. Our title is: Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Speak to your advisor about the details of planning such a lasting memorial for our church.


Rectory Garden Brick Walkway

In 2009, a special walkway was installed as part of the Rectory Garden in celebration of Mission Grammar School’s 120th Anniversary. Engraved bricks will provide a permanent memorial to those who have been a part of the Basilica throughout the years – it’s a perfect way to commemorate family and friends. Your contribution directly benefits Mission Grammar School and the Basilica’s programs.

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Basilica Memorial Plaque

Special areas near Our Lady’s Shrine and Purgatorian altar are reserved for the permanent commemoration of our patrons. Engravable metal plaques enable customized inscriptions to remember family and friends. This memorial arrangement ensures an enduring legacy that will be a permanent part of the Basilica.  Your contribution directly benefits the church and the on going restoration work that is continually needed.

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webMASSCARDSMasses and Enrollments

The Basilica’s sacred altars and presence as a spiritual home for over a century provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the liturgy for your intentions. Masses for living and deceased can be offered throughout the year. We also have special perpetual Mass enrollment societies that provide daily and weekly remembrances as long as the Basilica endures.

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